Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Random ramblings

I have so much on my mind these days, but can't seem to pull together one cohesive post.

Instead, I offer you random bits of the chaos in my head at the moment:

My mom had open heart surgery the other day.  Triple bypass.  Now they say her heart has a good 20 or 30 years left in it!  Don't know about the rest of her, though.

Miracle whip is WAY better than mayonnaise.

Holy crap, only 3 1/2 weeks of school left!  Summer vacation sounds good right now.

My birthday was pretty awesome.  Hubby kinda phoned it in (as usual) but my awesome friends made up for it!  Wish they could make up for OTHER areas he's been neglecting *ahem*  Yeah, I totally just went there.  Sorry.  Or maybe I'm not. (?)

Scentsy 'Newborn Nursery' smells freaking AWESOME.  I love it!

Bobblehead has been so incredibly clingy lately - I hope he doesn't wake up before I finish typing my list of random thoughts.

Last week I (finally) cleaned some of the mess in my closet, and put away all of my maternity clothes.  The sadness this brought me made me realize I really DO want another baby - even knowing that will mean more of this crazy lack-of-sleep, lack-of-sex, get-me-off-this-fucking-ride feeling.

Bonehead has his interview today at the youth academy I am trying to get him into.  I want him to get in so he can better himself, but if I am being honest, I really want it so I can get RID of his rebellious butt for 5 months.  Especially after the hell he put me through yesterday!  I almost called the cops fact, would have, if he had not tried to take the phone away from me while I was trying to dial.  What am I going to do if he does NOT get into the academy???

Wine should really be served with every meal.  Is there a breakfast wine?

Jarhead AKA Hubby is spiraling in depression again - and my efforts to help him only seem to make it worse.  I keep HOPING he will follow through and get counseling, as he promised.  He lied to me last week and said he is already IN counseling.

Knucklehead's basketball season is almost over - still can't believe I signed up to COACH.  What was a I thinking???? And yet, we're doing really well.  Fourth place of eight teams, and all three of the teams ahead of us are A-MAZ-ING.  Knucklehead seems to be holding back a little in games, maybe he doesn't like me being 'Coach Gaile' instead of 'Mom'?  *sigh* Only one more game left in the regular season, and then we go into playoffs.

I've really gotta hit the yard sales for some baby stuff.  Which reminds me, I am looking for a used Ergo Baby Carrier - anyone have one for sale?

DUH.  Mimosas!  Champagne + Orange Juice.  Breakfast wine. Sometimes I am a freakin GENIUS.

But most of the time I am the crazy-chaotic-unproductive-rambling-hot-mess you see here.


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