Sunday, May 29, 2011

Video linkup, week 9

This week's video is one that sparked a lot of discussion when I first saw it a few years ago...... parents all over the world have certain things in common, and there are certain things that parents of one culture do which absolutely SHOCK parents of other cultures.  (like the current circumcision debate)

So, I ask you, would YOU let your child play with a 15-foot python?

OK close your jaw now, and go post your own viral video for the week!

Just come back here and link up by clicking the blue "add your link" button below, and don't forget to link back to me in your post, so your readers can join in, too.

*EDIT* this was a scheduled post, and did not post at 5 AM like it should have - so I am leaving it open an extra now have until midnight Tuesday night (Pacific time)


A Sailor's Wife said...

Just watching that made me throw up in my mouth a little! lol

Birdie said...

WOW! Haha!

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