Saturday, October 9, 2010

half-assed post

So much for getting back to DAILY blogging!  Still really want to....maybe soon.

So, quick updates:

Bonehead might be going away to military school.  Well, not really.  Or, not exactly.  He's really struggling in school right now, and is way behind in his credits for graduation.  He is so credit-deficient that there is just no way he can graduate with his class.  *UNLESS*..... unless he successfully completes the Youth Challenge Academy run by the National Guard.  This program is FREE, and includes both a residential portion for 22 weeks, as well as a one year 'mentor' follow-up program to make sure he stays on target with the goals he sets for himself.  The students all live on the base in dorm-style housing, and they all wear a uniform (after earning it by surviving the first 2 weeks of class) and they will PT together daily.  Sometimes several TIMES a day. They will attend all their high school classes on base during the residential phase, and the courses each student is taking are specifically tailored to meet that student's graduation requirements.  Best of all, they can earn 55 credits in that one semester at the Academy!  That will get Bonehead caught up so that all he has to do is PASS his classes next year and he can graduate ON TIME!  We won't know until November or December whether or not he has been accepted into the program.

Knucklehead is breaking my heart with his sudden "I miss Dad" meltdowns lately.  Tears and everything.  I think he might be having some trouble with all the new baby adjustments, but he is definitely an awesome big brother!

Bobblehead is growing like a weed - already 3 weeks old! He has not been letting me get much sleep and is not on any kind of schedule yet, but he is so stinkin CUTE I just can't complain.  Here's a picture of him snuggling with his "Daddy Blanket" (the one we sent to hubby to have him sleep with it for a while and get his 'scent' on it, so baby Bobblehead can get used to Daddy's smell before he comes home)

Today we got to go to a "Yellow Ribbon Event" for spouses (DURING deployment) and it was AMAZING.  Tomorrow is the final day, with a 4 hour training on "The Four Lenses" which I have wanted to attend for awhile now.  I will write up a full blog post SOON with a recap of the whole weekend.

So much more to say, but I am literally FALLING ASLEEP as I type this.


chambanachik said...

That picture is too dang cute!

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