Saturday, October 30, 2010

what if I don't want to?

I posted a whiny FB status the other day - something about how I hate deployment.

I know better than to do that, but I was just grumpy, and had nothing else to say.

I got responses from my sweet friends and family, saying things like "You're stronger than you know" and my all-time-favorite (NOT)... "you inspire me" !  No offense to my sister, who happens to have said it this particular time, but



I just want my husband back.  (please!)

Speaking of which, I should really have ordered a homecoming banner already - I better get on that.  It's coming sooner than I thought it would , but still not soon enough.

Deployment, YOU SUCK.  I HATE YOU.  Go away, and please don't ever come back!  Or, at least not for awhile, OK? Thanks. 



Brie said...

Oh girl. *Hugs* You don't have to be strong -all- the time. We can't be in this life. It's just not possible. Good for those "super spouses" who can smile and wave through deployments. (And screw the ones who dare tear you down for having a moment of weakness.) We're human. Milwives or not, at the end of the day we're still just wives. And dammit, wives should be with their husbands, kissing them goodnight before bed every night, welcoming them home from work everyday. Sometimes it's just, well, bullshit.

Stacy said...

Agreed, I am soooo over this deployment already. Still have a few months to go. Ugh...

Renee said...

I'm chiming in on this. I read a milblogger recently who more or less slammed milspoused for saying "deployment sucks"-type statements. Going on to imply that .. Afterall, it's what we all signed up for in supporting our spouses and to complain about deployment is a an insult to those that are fighting and sacrificing. The kicker is that this blogger has not experienced the separation of deployment yet..but will do it with a smile and wave (like Brie said) and be proud and honored! Now, that burned my ass a bit! I've said in MY blog that I hate deployment and that it sucks - I mean it with every fiber of my being..and I support the mission and my husband's service! Hang in there Girl!!

Soon this will all be a chapter closed!

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