Saturday, September 25, 2010

counting by weeks

This deployment is 64% over, according to my DOM.

I counted days at first, but got discouraged.  Then I counted by months, but time just seemed to D-R-A-G on forever when I did that.  So I focused on the pregnancy, which of course was counted in weeks.  At 32 weeks gestation, I told myself I had 8 weeks left until baby arrived.  At 38 weeks I knew that I was being induced in a week, and now I sit here today, on my 'due date' with a perfect little one-week-old replica of my husband staring at me.

He seriously looks JUST like his daddy!  Well, to be more accurate, he looks exactly like his big brother, who looks just like daddy.

Check this out:

Knucklehead and Daddy (see the resemblance?)

Knucklehead and Bobblehead


Knucklehead as a baby


Honestly, this just makes me miss hubby more!

But this deployment is 64% OVER. 

As in, "deployment, you can SUCK IT, I'm totally stronger than you!"

So now I am counting baby's age in weeks, and even better......


I'm counting the WEEKS until hubby returns!


yeah, those are still in double digits, but WOW it feels good to say it as "weeks".


Goodnight moon said...

He is seriously soooo stinkin cute!!!!!! You want the weeks to hurry up, but at the same time, it means that your little man will be getting bigger. Don't you just want him to stay this little:) They are so yummy!!!! Congrats again!

Expat Girl said...

They are all identical!

TheMarineWife said...

I've been gone too long! CONGRATS ON THE LITTLE GUY!!! He is soo super cute! I'm glad you are past the half way mark...keep your head up! You are amazing!!!

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