Monday, October 11, 2010

Deployment SUCKS

OK, so this spoon is innocent enough by itself, right?

And this tub of cookie dough is as benign as it gets, right?

But put them together and I think this must be what 'ROCK BOTTOM" looks like:

Yeah, I really did eat cookie dough right from the tub.  I didn't even bother with the pretense of a cookie sheet.  Gross, right?  Or YUMMY, depending on who you ask.  But either way, NOT conducive to weight loss. 

Now, I didn't eat the WHOLE tub; in fact it was just a few bites.  But still - this was really NOT a good moment.

I've definitely had more good moments than bad ones, but I can't afford to have ANY more bad moments if I am going to drop 40 pounds in the next 10 or 12 weeks!

I  need to find some way to really kick this deployment in the ass again - and  lose some weight in the process.

Any suggestions?  What do you do when you miss your hubby so much it hurts?  When it feels like forever until you get to see him again?  Or when the crappy fears take over?  How do you put them in their place again?


Goodnight moon said...

I know why you've been so's really because you've been missing me huh? You can say your missing your hubs...but I know it's more me then him *wink.

Sending hugs! I would love to share a spoon with you and eat some of that cookie dough! Yummy!!!! about you just go for long walks with that sweet baby of yours! Little steps make you feel better about yourself...and then you can move to the big steps little by little.

Casey said...

I am doing Insanity until hubby comes home! Thinking of his face when he sees me after that exercise keeps me going

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