Friday, October 15, 2010

you want a piece of me???

Last night my hubby was 100% in the mood for a fight, which I am pretty sure is the only reason he even CALLED me.  I was 100% tired and I have this "no fighting" rule during deployment anyway, so I agreed with everything he said and tried to change the subject (have you ever played this game with a GUY?  It sucks bad enough in person, and over the phone from half a world away, it freaking SUCKS HARD.....nobody wins.)

It started with something I said off-hand in an email, and he misunderstood me, totally took it the wrong way, and emailed me his objections to what I had said (about a member of his family).  I tried to email him back with an apology, and an explanation that I didn't MEAN it the way that he took it, but he emailed back with yet another objection.  I then wrote a longer apology, but right when I clicked 'send' my phone rang...meaning he was not online to get that carefully worded message, as he had gone to the phone to call me instead. 

This was all at about 1 AM, so I was already really NOT equipped to deal with this male version of PMS.


I think he's over it now, but can't really tell for sure - this is the worst part about fighting long distance!  You never really know if the other person has moved on or is still pissed off (in this case, over NOTHING).  Well, actually the worst part about fighting long distance is the whole "no make-up sex" thing.  Yeah, that sucks worse.  At least when he is HOME and needs to pick a fight, I know it will end well *wink wink*

Now, I'm left wondering what REALLY had him upset to begin with, and whether or not it has been dealt with.  I'm afraid to even write him another email, because I don't even know what he will misinterpret and jump  down my throat over.


But, the good's getting closer and closer to being OVER!  Here's a recent picture of my Donut of Misery:

Can you believe it? I can't.

Now I just hope he gets rid of whatever is up his butt in time to ENJOY coming home to us. 


Mrs. J said...

I am 70% just behind you!!! Cannot wait :)

Brie said...

Awe, well hopefully you kiss and makeup more than enough to compensate for it when he's home. ;)

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