Wednesday, February 1, 2012

music linkup week 44 - Beds Are Burning

When I was a kid I could not understand what this song was about AT ALL, but I liked it.  Now that I know a little more about the world, and about 'green' living, I think of this song any time there is a man-made disaster that effects the environment.

So, naturally, when news broke this week about a possible radiation leak at our friendly neighborhood power plant in San Onofre, CA this song popped into my head - and it won't leave!

Catchy, huh?

For those living on or near Pendleton, I hope and pray that this is all just a false alarm.  And for our children's sake (and our grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc) I truly do hope that we find a way to 'give it back' like the song says :)

OK, stepping off my environmentalist soap box now..... have you linked up your song yet? (and WHY NOT???)  Hurry and go see Amber over at Goodnight Moon, see what all the fuss is about, and then JOIN IN!

(this song is in YOUR head now, too, right?  HA HA HA!)


Mrs. S said...

Yup, it sure is stuck in my head now!!

Goodnight moon said...

and this is an old just think about "that time". crazy huh!

thanks for always being so faithful!

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