Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Music Linkup week 46 - How Will I Know?

Whitney Houston’s death probably has some effect on all of us, some more than others. I’m definitely in the ‘more’ category. I literally grew up listening to Whitney!  The first time I got up and sang in front of a group was a duet with my sister, singing “Greatest Love of All”.  (Disclaimer: I really can’t sing AT ALL)

My first ever Talent Show dance performance, in 6th grade, was also to a Whitney song:

(Disclaimer: I also really can’t dance, AT ALL.  Unless there is alcohol involved, which of course there wasn’t in 6th grade).  I keep checking YouTube every so often to see if anyone who videotaped that Talent Show has posted my pathetic performance, but luckily nothing has shown up yet.  I’m mortified enough just remembering the costumes that my friend Michelle & I wore – we had these little black briefs, white t-shirts, black coat-and-tails, with fluorescent orange bow-ties.  I don’t even remember what shoes we wore….this was like 1986-ish I think? **Ahem. Yes, I know I’m old.**

My first breakup had me in a weeks-long pity party with an all-Whitney soundtrack.  My first real kiss, my first school dance, my first perm (yes, I know you’re laughing now – it’s OK, so am I!).  So many of my firsts are associated with Whitney Houston’s amazing voice. 

I’m so very sad to know we’ll never hear another epic Whitney performance!  I’m grateful for the talent she shared with the world, but still sad knowing she had so much more that was really just wasted.  Tragic.  Another beautiful talented star succumbs to the pressure of fame & fortune.

I need to go do something to cheer up now.  I think I wanna dance with somebody (with somebody who loooooves me).  You should really get your groove on now, too!  Go link up with Amber over at Goodnight Moon - tell her I said Hi, and then go visit some of the other lovely bloggers who linked up this week.

Oh yeah, and don't forget to leave me a little comment love - I'd love to know what YOUR favorite Whitney song is!


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