Thursday, February 9, 2012

Strong is the new SKINNY

Remember last spring when I posted about being fat?  I actually followed it up with another post about what it actually FEELS like to be fat, and then I entered a local weight loss competition.  I've mentioned it here before, and if you want to read the details about it, you can check out my weight loss blog.

My reason for bringing it up now, is that I really haven't ever updated you all on my actual progress.  YAY FOR PROGRESS!  For starters, I have lost over 50 lbs since September 10.

I've lost more than 20 inches, 8 of those just from my waist.

I have dropped from a size 24 to a size 16, and of course am still shrinking. I even fit into SOME size 14 clothes!

I seriously feel like a new woman. I look (and feel!) so much YOUNGER than I did six months ago, and I have so much more ENERGY! The energy part is probably due more to proper nutrition than to exercise, but everyone knows that working out really gives you more energy, right?

I'm working out at least once a day, six days a week. At least twice a week, and up to five times a week, I do a second workout (2-a-day). My main exercise is cardio, of course, to burn all the fat. In addition I do strength training, zumba, and yoga and am looking into starting some new workout classes to keep my body guessing.

A few weeks ago I did a 'spin' class for my first time ever.  At the end of that hour, I decided it would likely be my LAST time ever, as well.  Seriously, why do they make those stupid seats on spin bikes SO PAINFUL?  I had a bruise in the exact size and shape of that seat marking up my butt (and my hoohoo) for at least 5 full days. Um, NO THANKS!  Especially since I only burned about 600 calories in that one hour spin class, and I can burn 1000+ in workout classes that combine cardio with resistance.  Instead of going back to Spin, I started P90X, and am LOVING the new 'Bodypump' barbell workout at 24 hour fitness.

My time is pretty limited overall, but I am trying really hard to juggle things to allow myself more time for blogging - I MISS my bloggy friends! So many of you have helped me SO MUCH with your love and support as I went through this very difficult reintegration (which still isn't necessarily OVER, but it looks like the roughest part is) as well as through my difficult weight loss journey.  Someone asked me if I was 'bringing sexy back' and I replied that I don't NEED to bring sexy back, as long as I can take my "ME" back.

As far as my goals are concerned, I am still shooting for 145 lbs OR a size 10, but more important than this, I want to be STRONG.  Skinny people look great in their clothes, but FIT PEOPLE LOOK GREAT NAKED.  I sooooo wanna look good naked!  (not posting THOSE before & after pics, sorry LOL)


Anonymous said...


Jenni said...

You go girl!!!!!! Get some!!!!! :))) Spin classes I've heard are crazy! You are doing wonderful! Keep it up!!!

Samantha said...

Fantastic! You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marine Wife Unplugged said...

This is so encouraging. Really. Consistence seems to be the kicker for most women these days (who I have talked to), so I am really pleased to hear that you've come so far... and you've done it without surgery (from what I have read). I don't know you well at all, but from one woman who is working out to another, I am really proud of you. :)

Gaile said...

Thanks so much ladies! And yes, you are correct - NO SURGERY. I'm working hard to do this without any surgery, diet pills, or gimmicks of any kind - just good old fashioned CLEAN EATING and WORKING MY BUTT OFF. Literally! I do want to have some cosmetic surgery after I reach my goal weight and maintain that weight for a year - I want the whole 'Mommy makeover'! New boobs, a tummy tuck, etc. I'm sure they'll have to remove at least SOME skin from other areas, too. First things first, though - I have to EARN that makeover by getting (& staying) FIT!

If you want the details about my diet & exercise routines, it's all over on my weight loss blog (link is above, I think?)

Oh yeah, and that weight loss competition I mentioned? I PLACED 10th! Out of over 70 people who started the program in September, and over 50 of us finished it. Top Ten feels so damn good.

Thanks so much for all your kind words - your support means SO MUCH to me.

Addison and Amber said...

You look fab! :)

Skinnie Piggie said...

WHOOO WHOOO! You're doing awesome!

Renee said...

You look amazing!!

Jen said...

YOU LOOK GREAT!! Good job, girl! You got this! Isn't is such an addiction? I looove the endorphins.

Jaime said...

Wow! Great work!! You look so amazing!! And it really shows not only physically but you can tell mentally as well:o) I found this while searching for a "Strong is the new skinny" photo for my CampPilates main facebook image! So glad I ran into this! Keep it up!! I'm going to save and check back;o)


Sarah Minobe said...

Umm so I randomly came across your page when I was poking through google images (just like the previous poster, I was searching "strong is the new skinny"...haha) and I just HAVE to say that you look fabulous, and I'm -so- impressed/inspired! You're absolutely glowing. :) Good luck on the rest of your journey~

Anonymous said...

I was also searching for "strong is the new skinny" and found you. You're amazing - kudos!!!

Bobby said...

Stumbled upon this via google, 'strong is the new skinny'. Well fucking done, lady. Keep it up!

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