Sunday, March 20, 2011

happy blogiversary (?)

Today marks one year since I started this blog.  I also started my baby blog 'Does This Baby Make Me Look Fat' a year ago today.

I feel like this is something significant, like I should celebrate it, but HOW?  I asked for comments a couple days ago on this subject and got one comment suggesting a giveaway.  I tend to agree with my lone commenter, that a giveaway would be AWESOME, but I am still kind of reeling from the LACK of response to the cool giveaway I held last week on my baby blog.  I mean, its not like you all had no idea about it, since I posted about it here on this blog, and I tweeted about it ( I am @deploymentagain if you want to follow me on twitter).  Oh, I even Fcebooked it.  Not just in status updates, but in an actual FB message to ALL of my milspouse friends. I expected to get at least a couple entries from each of the five branches, but in the end I got ONE entry from an Army wife, and four entries from THREE Marine wives.

Apparently, no one really wanted the cool bumper magnets I made?  I still have one for Army, one for Coast Guard, and one for Air Force - and will give them away via twitter.

So, if I am not doing another giveaway, what should I do????

I am toying with the idea of doing a blog linkup/bloghop day, but again am not sure how many of you will actually participate (?)


So, once again, I am asking BEGGING you to please write a comment here and let me know how YOU think I should mark this special occasion!  If you are too shy to comment here, please feel free to email me directly.

THANKS to all who made this last year here in BloggyLand so great - those who supported me during the deployment, and who still support me as I struggle to get back on strong footing with my hubby again.

For now, I will spend today celebrating by snuggling with my favorite wanna-be-Marine (or 'SUBMARINE' as we joking call him)

Anxiously awaiting your comments!

(hello?  Uh, hello, is this thing on?  Can anybody hear me?)


Marine Wife Unplugged said...

I've been following you for only about a week or two and don't get on very much, but I went through the same frustration when I had my one-year. I ended up doing nothing, because even though a bunch of people read it, no one really comments, and because of that, I think "well then why am I going to give you something?" lol. I blog for myself, and hope for feedback, but when all is said and done, those who want to be here reading will read whether or not you do anything.... says I. lol. If I was to do a giveaway and money were no object, I'd do a gift card to someplace useful like Wal-mart or maybe a restaurant. Something to say thank you but something not totally impractical. I'm a practical person, so I would get way more into a gift card than say... a candle or a sticker. lol. Then I'd attach a contact card for my blog and write a thank you note (in ink). Maybe I'll do something like that for my two-year. Maybe not. I don't know. *shrug* That aside, I have to say your pictures are precious. Where did you manage to find baby dress blues?! I looked all over for them and couldn't find any, but, I did not check on base, because I was gone by the time the baby was born.

Ok...I just wrote you a book. My apologies. :)

SAHM and Marine Wife said...

I was going to ask the same thing! Where did you find those Adorable dress blues? My son is a toddler but he could rock it!

Anonymous said...

I rarely participate in anyone's givaways, in a large part because most of the blogs that I follow that do giveaways are American, and, well, I'm not. So an American military themed giveaway, or somethings that can't be shipped anyway, doesn't really do me much good. I figure I might as well not take a chance away from someone who actually could use it, KWIM?
I didn't really do anything special for my 1 year, I think I wrote a post to commemorate it, a look back at where I'd been and how I'd grown, but I don't really remember (now I'll have to go look!)
Do whatever feels righ to you.
Just keep writing! :0)

Our Crazy Bunch said...

Oh I am so sorry. I just found your blog but will be keeping a better watch on you. Your son in those baby blues are just WAY to cute. I did something similar when my son was like a month old. He's almost 4 now. I would say maybe do a gift card to Wal-Mart or Target as a 1 year blogiversary celebration. I just had mine in February and I did a gift card to Starbucks. Good luck and again your baby boy is way super cute!

Gaile said...

The outfit was purchased aboard MCB Camp Pendleton, but is also available online at
(sounds like maybe I need to do a Trooper Clothing gift card giveaway? Ha ha ha)

Thanks for the comments & feedback, keep it coming!


Gaile said...

Note to self: don't try to post blog comments from my cellphone!

I misspelled the web link for trooper clothing in my previous comment.


Amanda M. said...

Just wanted to let you know I am giving you the Stylish Blogger award! You can check out the post at
I love your blog and thought you deserved this!

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