Monday, November 1, 2010

homecoming banner

It's that time already......

I ordered this banner today, because if I wait I will have to pay for rush shipping.  No, thank you! (have I ever mentioned what a cheapskate I am? I'm all counting pennies on the shipping, even though the banner is FREE!)

If you want to order a free homecoming banner, go HERE.

I'm counting down, and wondering why I am not feeling happier about the "20%" Donut Of Misery right now....maybe because I am already stressing about everything I need to get done before he gets back?


Goodnight moon said...

Woo-HOOOOOOO!!!!! Yah! Let the countdown begin! I ordered mine the month he left....not really sure why?

Yah girlie!!!

chambanachik said...

I used that place when my boyfriend (now husband) came home last summer. It was a hit! :)

P.S. I grabbed your button for my blogroll!

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