Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Marines!

This is my 14th year celebrating the Marine Corps Birthday, and my tenth time in those years NOT going to a Birthday Ball.

Last year's ball kind of sucked, especially the part where they started THREE HOURS LATE - so I am not all that upset about missing this year's ball.  Just wish I wasn't missing it due to deployment.  Missing the ball because hubby is working at his other job, or is away training would be better.  Or because I just had a baby.  Oh, wait, I DID just have a baby!  Ha ha ha.  So, if hubby was not deployed this year, I probably wouldn't be going to the ball, anyway.

I do wish my hubby was here, but knowing he is ALMOST DONE with this deployment is cheering me up considerably.

And looking at pictures from him all dressed up for last year's ball just makes me laugh - he got to be part of the ceremony, and we could NOT get his belt to fit right with the saber (or is it a sword?)

I joke with him about this kind of thing, but in the end I have SO MUCH respect for the traditions and the history behind the Corps.  After all the stress of getting there on time, and getting that darned belt figured out, I really was so proud to be there for the ceremony - I was literally moved to tears.

And now I'm all weepy again - time to cut this short.

What I am trying to say is,


Semper Fidelis


Goodnight moon said...


Happy 235th Birthday USMC! Your Marine looks really good in his blues! Its my favorite uniform for them to wear!

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