Friday, November 19, 2010


Over the next week I will be posting about things I am thankful for - starting by thanking YOU, my followers, for your input about my last post - especially those who took time to email me directly! 

I decided to go ahead and try monetizing my blog - so please pardon the ads in my sidebar and in the bottom of my posts (ads coming SOON, after google adsense approves my account).

Hopefully the ads will be helpful/useful, and not a nuisance.  I would like to ask for your help, though; if the ads DO become bothersome, will you please TELL me this?  THANK YOU!

Aside from being grateful for your feedback, I am SO thankful that this deployment is almost O-V-E-R!  Seriously, this has been such a crappy year in so many ways, and pretty much everything that went wrong would have been easily fixed (or would not have even GONE wrong to begin with!) if hubby could have been home with us.

But I don't even care about all that crap now!  With less than 15% remaining on my Donut of Misery, all I can think about is the homecoming (and all the things I thought I would have DONE by now).


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