Wednesday, November 9, 2011

music linkup week 38: Paint It Black

Music linkup time again....ALREADY?!?!  Wow this week went by SO FAST.

Last Saturday was our Marine Corps Ball, and check out the guest of honor:

Yes, that's really R. Lee Ermey!  I'll blog about the ball later (SOON, I hope!)  In the meantime, enjoy the song that plays during the credits of the movie that made Gunny Ermey famous, Full Metal Jacket.  The song?  Why, "PAINT IT BLACK", of course!

**WARNING, before you click, you should know that this video contains very graphic violence.  If you are squeamish (like me) then just listen to the music and DON'T watch the screen**


Don't forget to go visit Amber over at Goodnight Moon and link up YOUR song this week!


Goodnight moon said...

yah for being the first linkster! woot!!!! and yes....i remember watching this movie with my dad when i was much younger! it always left such an imprint on me!

thanks for always being so faithful, and linking up every week;)

Amanda said...

You look so pretty & I love the picture!

Allie said...

He was our guest of honor at the 8th and I ball 2 years ago, such a nice guy!!!! You look gorgeous!

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