Monday, September 6, 2010

just you WAIT....

I've never been very good at waiting. I can't keep a secret, and frequently snoop and ruin surprises for myself. About the only place I display much patience is on the road, as I hate to be one of those jerks who RACES toward a red light. (This has more to do with saving gas than it does with being patient, but I have to claim SOME level of maturity somewhere, right?) Why exactly are people in such a freaking hurry to WAIT at the red light though?

I never wait well unless I am forced to. Even then, I probably don't do it all that WELL.

Right now, waiting is just freaking KILLING me! Waiting for my hubby to come home, waiting for this baby to be born (not in that order, of course) waiting for a nice fat reimbursement check in the mail - oh THAT is really pissing me off, because the check was mailed August 18....I never got it, so I called the company last week and they are going to stop payment on that check, and send me a new one - after a 7 to 10 day waiting period while they confirm that the original check was not, in fact, cashed yet. And when it finally comes, the amount is larger than what I normally deposit into my personal checking account, so my bank will likely put a 3-day HOLD on the check (MORE WAITING?!?!).


The other night I wanted a root beer float REALLY bad. I finally caved in and drove to the nearby grocery store to buy some ice cream and root beer, and stood in the loooongest line EVER waiting to pay. Seriously, by the time I got to the front. my ice cream was MELTING! I will say, it was totally worth the wait though - best root beer float I have had in years!

Wanna guess what I am doing right now? YUP, waiting! Waiting for the wash cycle to end so I can put the clothes into the dryer before I go to bed.

Oh, and waiting for real labor to begin, of course!

Speaking of which, did you enter my contest yet to see who can guess baby's birthdate? Click the link in my right sidebar (cute green button with the belly on it) so you can post your guess and be entered to win a gift card. What are you waiting for?


LaDonna Rae said...

I totally empathize I hate waiting...and that's all I seem to be doing...what is God trying to teach me in all this waiting...maybe to slow down or that His timing is best...I don't know I just hate it...I hate I miss a weekend with the girls becuase I have to wrk becuase I'm waiting to hear about my new job...I hate waiting to see how the "thing" with Mr. Man and I evenutally turns out...I hate waiting to get a day off then...I hate waiting becuase the weekend was so long...maybe God makes us wait to slow me down...I don't know I just know that I'm disgruntled about it also....

Goodnight moon said...

Ahh...yes...the "hurry up" and wait game. It's no fun is it! Sorry girlie! Wish you could hurry up and pop that baby out. I wanna see what he looks like!!!!

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