Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ugliest Backyard Contest

I never do this, but this is SO IMPORTANT to me, I am breaking my own rule.  I am using my blog to BEG for your help to win a contest!

Our backyard is dangerous & hideous.  We are the first owners of this home, and of course the front yard was already landscaped when we bought the house.  We knew it might be awhile until we could afford to do the backyard, but when new next-door-neighbors moved in, we took a leap and ended up hiring their contractor to do our backyard. We had to borrow money from family, and then this crooked contractor DISAPPEARED with our $6,000.00!  (he also screwed my neighbors out of $3000) This was five years ago, and now we've added Baby Bobblehead to our family - so we REALLY NEED A USABLE BACKYARD.

System Pavers here in so-cal is holding a contest on FB for the "Ugliest Backyard" they can find.  The winner gets $5000 toward a backyard makeover from System Pavers!  We had them out for a bid a couple weeks ago, and with all of the discounts we can qualify for, the cheapest we can get our patio/walkway done is $15,000.  We've qualified to finance $10,000 so winning this contest will close the gap and get us a patio that Baby Bobblehead can enjoy every day.

You have to be a Facebook user to vote for me - but you can vote EVERY DAY between now and February 29, 2012.  (And I will love you forever if you do!)

Here are step-by-step instructions - this only takes about 15 seconds if you have decent internet connection:

1. Go "Like" the System Pavers FB page HERE.

2. After you 'like' the page, click the link on the left that says
"Ugliest Backyard Contest"

3. The contest form will come up, look for the "Click Here to Vote" button and CLICK it.

4. Scroll down until you see the picture of MY ugly backyard, with my name "GAILE GONZALES" next to it, and click "like it"

THAT'S IT!  If you have a few extra seconds to share this with your facebook friends, I would sure apreciate it.  (make sure you don't just go through the regular photo album and 'like' my photo, as this will NOT COUNT.  Only votes submitted through the "vote" page will count.

Please vote, and come back often to vote more over the next few weeks - we REALLY REALLY REALLY need to win this!

This adorable little man really deserves a chance to run around and play outside, don't you think?


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