Thursday, December 1, 2011

Music linkup week 41: "Asleep"

WOW, 41 weeks of this linkup?!?  REALLY?  Awesome. :)

My song this week has layered meanings for me - on the surface, I chose this song just because I am SO FREAKING TIRED.  Two nights in a row of NO sleep equals one cranky cranky woman! But who doesn't love The Smiths, no matter how tired you are?

The other reason I chose this song is to have another excuse to brag about my awesome friend, Janice Whaley.  I mentioned her once before - she created "The Smiths Project" last year, singing every Smiths song a cappela all in the course of a year.  Then she used kickstarter to actually make this into an album, which is now available in select record stores and through  I actually have known this amazing artist since we were KIDS, and am SO SO SO proud of her recent accomplishments!  She even recorded a duet with Curt Smith (of Tears For Fears) and it was released on his new album last month. 

I'm also floored that Janice has now taken on an even more daunting task: recording a solo album of original music.  I'm bringing this up because I think a lot of you might really 'dig' her voice, and might want to support her latest efforts via kickstarter (and thereby be among the first to get your hands on her new CD when it's all done!)  Her first track is available for FREE download on her website and here is HER version of the song I linked above:

Thanks for listening, now go link up YOUR jam this week over at Goodnight Moon!


trooppetrie said...

I am new to your blog, the name is amazing. I see all these cute names and think man i should have come up with that

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