Wednesday, July 27, 2011

music linkup week 23: When You Believe

This is a pre-scheduled post, since I am away at my awesome week-long Family Reunion.  My parents and all my brothers and sisters do this every other year, and it is AWESOME!  We'll be missing a few people this year, but if everyone came it would be my parents, their 8 children and 8 children-in-law (all of us are married) and their 25 grandchildren!  That's 43 people, if you DON'T count the 2 'almost' babies...grandchild #26 is due in a few weeks, and #27 is due in a couple months.  Both of the preggo mama's are here this week, though.  I think our highest count all week will be 36 people, which is still A LOT.

Last week's post was about the ONE person of those 43 who I want to see most - my estranged daughter.  If she is here this week, it will be nothing short of a miracle. (real update coming soon with reunion photos....I'll also be tweeting about the reunion, so if you're curious, follow me on twitter @deploymentagain)

So, in honor of my (foolish?) hope for a miracle, my song this week is "When You Believe" from the soundtrack to The Prince of Egypt.  I never knew that Michelle Pfeiffer had such a beautiful voice!

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Nicole Marie said...

I hope that your reunion is going well. And that your wish has come true. What a beautiful song. :)

Beth said...

Hoping for an amazing reunion and a wish-come-true. :)

Goodnight moon said...

I hope your having so much fun at your family reunion!!! I've never had one...well, my grandpa does on his side, but it's in Ohio and I've never been to it. So many family members who I have no idea who they all are!

Thanks for pre-scheduling your linky up! You rock;)

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